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Green Dog Svalbard is a family-run business,located in Bolterdalen 10 km from Longyearbyen. We have more than 20 years of dogsledding experience from Svalbard and Greenland. 

Green Dog currently has more than 180 polar dogs and every year 20 new puppies are born. Green Dog offers guided trips with sled dogs year round in Svalbards high arctic wilderness. Drive a dogsledge to a rare ice cave in winter with our skilled guides or join us on a family hike in Bolterdalen, dog cart trip or hike over the Foxfonna glacier in summer.

We hope you are able to find all the information you need on our website - otherwise, you are welcome to contact us at greendogsvalbard@gmail.com

Green Dog latest activities

Below youll find news about our sledtrips,fossilhunting,the guided sledtrip to the icecave and a bit about the beautiful arctic wilderness of Svalbard as well.

Autumn colours in Bolterdalen
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We already saw the first snow on some of the surrounding mountains - winter is approaching fast. Meanwhile we enjoy fantastic autumn colours in the sky every night. More photos at our facebook profile!
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Autumn colours in Bolterdalen

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Green Dog, Bolterdalen, 9170 Longyearbyen, Svalbard - T: +47 7902 6100

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