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Green Dog Svalbard is a familyrun business,located in Bolterdalen 10 km from Longyearbyen. 

Green Dog have more than 140 polardogs and every year 20 new puppies are born. We offer guided trips with dogs year round in Svalbards high arctic wilderness.

We hope you are able to find all the information you need at our webside - otherwise,you are welcome to contact us at


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Green Dog Latest Activities
Green Dog at the Sirius patrol!
Intro text:
Our two former guides, Sebastian& Michael , are now both at the Sirius sledpatrol in Northeast Greenland. This winter they will sled together as team nr 3 and last week they finishbuilt the sled for the coming winterpatrolling. We like the name ;-)
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Green Dog at the Sirius patrol!

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